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The MyKidsy Podcast...


is a podcast FILLING THE GAP IN EDUCATION. is an off and online platform to book meaningful and unique activities for children.


But myKidsy is much more than just an activity finder.


It is about helping parents of the new digital economy find trusted courses that will incentivise and motivate their kids.


To help them find hobbies and activities that will contribute to their further education and growth into becoming citizens of the future society: with empathy for nature, love for the arts and sciences, financial and technological awareness and control of their physical and mental health by being active and mindful. 

Our podcast, created and directed by Fariba Mahmoudieh, aims to educate parents and children on everything from mental health and nutrition, to coding, mindfulness and financial literacy. Our goal is to change perspectives, inform on ways to improve wellbeing and to help children reach their full potential by giving them the tools to find their passion in life. 

We hope you enjoy tuning in!

- Fariba Mahmoudieh

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