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Award-Winning Filmmaker & Storyworld Lyfta - Paulina Tervo

Paulina Tervo is an award-winning documentary director and producer, who has made films in over 20 countries throughout her career. She has collaborated with many international NGOs, broadcasters, educational and cultural institutions, telling inspiring stories of ordinary people from around the globe.

As a co-CEO of the educational platform Lyfta, which she co-founded in 2016, Paulina leads on the editorial and strategic aspects of Lyfta’s learning content and platform. With her co-CEO, their vision is that Lyfta makes an impact in children's lives, in education systems, and in societies all around the world. Tune in to hear all about how Lyfta helps children around the world, children with autism and how the immersive platform engages them.

Click here to listen.

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