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Ecoalf & Its Sustainable Revolution in Fashion - Javier Goyeneche

Javier Goyeneche is the founder of Ecoalf, a sustainable fashion brand that uses recycled products. They currently recycle plastic bottles, fishing nets, coffee remnants, used cotton and wool, old tires to create polymers, thread and fabric for their clothes. He is also the creator of the Ecoalf Foundation, which through the Upcycling the Oceans initiative, seeks to remove the trash from the Mediterranean with the help of fishermen on the Levante coast. The materials collected will be turned into pellets, thread, fabric and products. In 2017 they rescued over 250 tons from the seabed, operating in 70 ports and over 3000 fishermen.

Tune in to hear all about how Ecoalf is spearheading it's sustainable revolution in fashion and the innovative processes involved.

Click here to listen.

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